QE2 Urgent Care Centre threatened

QE2 Urgent Care Centre, Welwyn Garden City

Liberal Democrats have reacted angrily to news that the Urgent Care Centre at the QE2 may close at night, making the whole of Eastern and Central Herts depend on the Lister.

“I know Lister A and E and Urgent Care Centre is overwhelmed – I was there for around 5 hours recently” said LibDem council group leader Malcolm Cowan. “Having people like me sent up to Stevenage is one of the reasons it is overwhelmed. We need a publicity effort to tell people they can be treated locally at QE2. We are losing everything to Lister, after we were told the Urgent Care Centre – already a step down from a full A and E service – would be available 24/7. And for anyone without access to a car, this is even worse, buses become almost non-existent in the evenings, let alone overnight when an expensive taxi is all that is available”.

“And it’s no use relying on the 111 service, that took 3 hours to respond.”

He also attacked recent calls from candidates to lead the Conservatives to cut tax rates, particularly Boris Johnson, who wants to help the already well-off. “If there is spare money around, it should be going in to help the NHS and our under-funded schools, not to cut tax for above-average earners.”

“I have to ask if Grant Shapps, as a keen supporter of Boris,  supports his position of tax cuts rather than maintaining local services.”


East and North Herts NHS Trust will be running a series of public feedback meetings throughout the area over the next few weeks, starting at the QE2 hospital on Wednesday 19th June from 10am until 2pm.

Dates and locations of all the meetings can be found at qeiiucc.enhertsccg.nhs.uk/events

Details of public meetings

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