Rachel Basch

Rachel Basch

Borough Councillor for Handside

In May 2016 I was elected for a two year term as a Handside ward councillor. Aside from a four year stint at York University, I have lived in the Handside area my whole life. I attended both Applecroft and Stanborough School, and after completing my studies at York, returned to live in the area while I completed a History PhD at the University of London. Over the years I have worked for numerous local companies at the Welwyn Garden and Hatfield Business Park and completed a six month placement at Saga Homecare before starting my PhD. This gave me a real insight into some of the challenges faced by sectors of the local community, and some of the stories I heard inspired me to try and get more involved in the local community and make a difference in any way I could.

I have also been involved in many local voluntary organisations, from Guiding to heritage groups. I have always felt very lucky to live in such a unique town and neighbourhood, and have increasingly come to realise how distinctive and special the Garden City ethos is. I am positive about the town’s expanding future but recognise that this must be done in a sensitive and sympathetic manner to complement the town’s history and character. Since being elected I have become particularly interested in the Estates Management Scheme and hope to see this strengthened and secured as the town moves towards its centenary celebrations. I am also keen to see progress made on the former Splashlands site, which I remember fondly from my younger years.

I have been a member of the Liberal Democrat party since school and have really appreciated this opportunity to get more involved with the party. I have always been impressed by their commitment to building a fairer society and I believe they offer the best choice for all members of the community. Locally, Liberal Democrat councillors have visibly demonstrated their care and commitment to ensuring the needs of the local electorate are dealt with efficiently and shown a real understanding of the community they serve. I hope that I can continue this tradition and would welcome any comments or feedback.


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