Robby Durrant, Candidate for Cuffley and Northaw

Robby Durrant

Candidate for Cuffley and Northaw

I am a retired widow, mother of two, grandmother to three, living in Cuffley for 21 years. Cuffley is an affluent area, compared to other parts of the borough. But we have our issues, most importantly the impact that any major development will have on our precious green belt area.

After the 2015 General Election, I realised I could no longer be a passive voter and decided to become involved in local politics. I have always voted Liberal Democrat and so decided to become an active member in Welwyn Hatfield.

It soon became obvious that to make any change in politics it had to start from local involvement. I joined my local group, the Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrat volunteers and soon found out how hard the local Lib Dems worked to make a difference in the borough.

It is a privilege to be part of the Lib Dem team. I witness all the time how Lib Dem Councillors make a difference to local residents. If they can help residents they will. Can you honestly say that about the other parties?

If elected on the 2nd May I will serve our area by listening and responding to my local community to the best of my ability.

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Robby Durrant - Winning Here
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