Russ Platt

Russell Platt - Candidate for Peartree

Russell Platt

Candidate for Peartree

I often hear people say, “There’s no such thing as community anymore.” 

I disagree wholeheartedly - I know that Peartree, where I live, and the town of WGC are proof that great communities can, and do, exist.  Come and see the neighbourhood I live in – our resident’s’ association and community are thriving.

Communities do need to be nurtured and encouraged; and this is something I am passionate about, because Welwyn Garden City is a brilliant place to live. We have a mixture of town and country, amazing road and rail links, proximity to London, a gorgeous town centre and much more. However, there are things that can be improved, and there are things that I believe absolutely must be improved to keep both Peartree and WGC great places to live. 

This is why I am standing as a candidate – I want to add my voice and energy to the excellent work that the Liberal Democrats already do in Peartree and Welwyn Hatfield. 

Whilst I am my own person, my priorities for Peartree and WGC dovetail with those of the other Liberal Democrat councillors. They include (but are absolutely not limited to) the following:

With the latest Broadwater Rd planning applications, WGC is in danger of becoming unrecognisable. The area will become hugely overpopulated without sufficient thought, vision or planning for the required infrastructure and amenities.  We know additional housing is required, but the effect on existing residents and their quality of life must be a primary concern in any approved redevelopment. Healthcare, education, transport and amenities cannot take second place to ticking quota boxes. Development is a good thing; over-development is certainly not.

We need to continually look at recycling in the area and ways in which this can be extended and improved. Recycling and climate change are not fads or gimmicks – addressing these issues must become our way of life.

Developing facilities for the young people of our town must be a priority, this will give opportunities for leisure, skills and entertainment – while at the same time tackling anti-social behaviour.

Roads and parking need to be addressed with a cohesive focus. I think most will agree parking needs to be tackled - but it must be done strategically. What effect will moving a parking issue from one street to the next have? What considerations should be made for electric charging over the next decade?  Issues cannot be looked at in isolation.

Fly-tipping is a national scourge, and we have more than our fair share due to the location of the town. This is a pet hate of mine and I will work my hardest to assist in its reduction.

By voting for me, you are supporting someone who lives in your community. I am down to earth, hard-working, dedicated and even funny (well, I think so!).  I’ll work my socks off to ensure that  Peartree residents are happy, safe, supported and listened to.

As one of my friends said recently, “Vote Russ, you know it makes sense.” 😊


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