Lib Dems call on Government to Save Funding for Maintained Nursery Schools

Last week Liberal Democrat Cllr Tamsin Jackson-Mynott won over the entire Borough Council who voted unanimously for her motion to put pressure on Grant Shapps MP to lobby the Govt to save funding for maintained nursery schools.

Speaking not only as a Councillor but as a parent using the wonderful facilities provided by maintained nursery schools for her daughter, Tamsin said, “The argument to save the funding for maintained nursery schools is not a cash saving exercise - it's about protecting a learning environment for young children that is rich with experience, support, knowledge sharing, cross school network learning, SEND support and teacher training. Nothing new is needed,  just a maintenance of the status quo. But for that to happen we all need to work together to this common goal for all of our children”.

Members from all parties agreed, many with positive personal stories of their own about Hertfordshire’s 14 maintained nursery schools, and what they has done for their families. The Leader of the Council will now be writing to Grant Shapps MP asking that he not only write once to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Minister for Education, but continually lobby both until the funding for maintained nursery schools is secured beyond 2020.

Liberal Democrat County Councillor Nigel Quinton will be bringing a similar motion to the County Council on Tuesday 27th November, with hopefully the same positive support from all parties. Both he and Headteacher of Ludwick Nursery School, Karen James can be heard on BBC Three Counties radio news hour, 5pm - 6pm.

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