Save the Pentley Oak

Herts County Council said this beautiful oak will be cut down next week.
We aim to stop that!

The Pentley OakWithout any consultation and on very short notice, both our Tory-controlled Councils have colluded to rush through a plan to fell the large oak tree near the junction of Pentley Park and Pentley Close. When the Dr Barbara Gibson (County Cllr, Haldens Division) and Jean-Paul Skoczylas (Borough Cllr, Sherrards Ward) learned of this last week, they took swift action to halt the rushed process to allow proper scrutiny of the decision.

Barbara has managed to secured a temporary stay of execution, but we’re going to need to demonstrate overwhelming community support to buy more time and get the decision changed.

This is a beautiful, healthy tree, estimated to be well over 200 years old. We believe the decision to cut it down is faulty, and if allowed, sets a precedent that potentially puts at risk the character of the entire area.

We need your help

Please join us for a rally around the tree, on Pentley Park near junction with Pentley Close, this Thursday, 25th April, at 6pm to find out how - signup for the rally on our Facebook Page or just turn up on the day. We’ll have petitions to sign, yellow ribbons to tie on, and a group photo for the local paper. Please invite your friends. We need to send a clear message to both Councils.


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