Shamefully incompetent Serco strike again

Bin with grass On Tuesday 14th June, Serco operatives working for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council collected black bins from Chelwood Avenue and surrounding streets as scheduled.

The very same morning, Serco operatives also working for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council cut the grass verges.

So what's the problem? Apparently, the grass cutting operatives are unable to move the bins placed on the grass verges by residents for collection as demanded by council policy, so they simply cut around them, leaving 6" tall patches of grass uncut.

Uncut grassThis might be considered unfortunate, if it was the first example of Serco inability to do work in a sensible way, but other people report the same thing happening around Hatfield.

Paul Zukowskyj commented: "The level of Serco incompetence seems to know no bounds, I simply can't understand why Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council think their performance is acceptable.

"The executive member admonished me yesterday evening on a point of procedure, that council members are expected to stand, not sit, whilst speaking at full council. I would respectfully suggest she concentrates on improving performance and the quality of works in her remit rather than spending all her time on nit-picking procedures that residents couldn't care less about."

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