"Shocked" at Weatherspoon's plans for pub on Parkway

Local LibDem councillor Malcolm Cowan has hit out at the plan for another pub on Parkway. The site, at 22 Parkway, backs onto Asquith House, an older people's block, and several other homes. It also plans to get rid of the car parking spaces in the back garden and replace them by a massive 2 storey extension and convert what is left into a beer garden.

"Abolition of the car parking spaces will push parking, and late night driving away, which is usually noisy, onto residential roads. I also have to question whether another pub is needed at all when there are two others within 50 yards."

"This is a very poor and incomplete application, quite apart from being totally inappropriate. I was astonished that the 'site plan' submitted in the application is around 40 years old and does not show any of the affected homes in Guessens Rd. It is almost as if they don't matter at all, yet they will bear much of the brunt of the noise that the pub would generate. Nor is there any plan of the proposed garden, or what will be left of it. Where will the delivery vehicles go, for example? Weatherspoon's should hang their heads in shame."

"I trust residents and others concerned about this appalling plan will make their objections very clear to the council - they have until 18 June to do so."

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