Stop the cardboard sprawl

Cardboard piling up at Waitrose, Welwyn garden City.

”The mess around the paper and cardboard recycling banks most of the time is unbelievable” says Liberal Democrat council group leader Malcolm Cowan.

“The problem has persisted for several years and I have regularly sent the council photos of the problem. The rise in home delivery while we are in lockdown is making it worse.

“I have seen banks fill up within a few hours of being emptied. Then people leave cardboard all around. Cardboard needs to be cut up or folded flat, but even then the banks fill up very quickly. There is simply not enough capacity. This is particularly bad at Moors Walk in Panshanger.

“Having raised the subject again last week, I am pleased that council officers have said they will try to come up with a solution, whether this is more bins or more frequent emptying. I am fed up with parts of the district looking such a mess and hope the council will work towards relieving the problem soon”

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