Tamsin Jackson-Mynott

Tamsin Jackson-Mynott

Borough Councillor for Peartree

I became a a Borough Councillor in 2018 in Peartree Ward in Welwyn Garden City. I live in the town and am raising my young family here. Although we face many challenges we have a strong team of Lib Dem Councillors dedicated to working for you all year round.

For my part I am predominantly concerned with environmental and education issues. We face a rapidly growing population, with all the housing and service demand that goes with it. We also have the privilege of living in a garden city, with much more open green space than most towns. I am working hard to protect the green in our town and make it as beautiful and environmentally useful as possible. Central Conservative Government policies for new development makes this extremely hard, but I know there are many, many residents who share my love of the natural world and the beauty it brings to our town. It must be protected.

Education is also very high on my agenda. As a parent of a young child myself I am fiercely aware of the challenges facing both parents and teachers today. We are blessed with a lot of fantastic schools and I am actively seeking to do everything a I can to keep them.

I am not a career politician by any stretch of the imagination, but I am passionate and hard working.



Email: [email protected]

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