Tim Rowse, Candidate for Hatfield South West

Tim Rowse

Candidate for Hatfield South West

I moved to Hatfield in 1993 to open the Royal Mail site on the new Hatfield Business Park. British Aerospace had just closed and I was pleased to be able to offer new opportunities for the residents of Hatfield. I felt privileged that my daughters could grow up here and attend the great local schools. I recently retired after over 40 years with Royal Mail and now volunteer for a national charity which provides me with a great insight into the many challenges that local residents face, particularly in these unprecedented times.

So why am I a Liberal Democrat? I’m not going to pretend that I agree with every Liberal Democrat policy. People look for easy answers to what are often complex problems and no one party has all the right answers. I know that Liberal Democrats values best represent my own and especially their commitment to personal liberties and freedom of expression. Key for me is the commitment to electoral reform: something I’ve always strongly believed in. I don’t think it is right that the current first-past-the-post system ignores the views of so many voters.

I am standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Hatfield South West ward (where I live), a welcoming, tight-knit community. If elected then I will work tirelessly to champion Hatfield within the borough. We need more high-quality social housing in the borough and some of this should be built in Hatfield but we also need to ensure that some of the leafier areas take their fair share. Hatfield South West is home to the University of Hertfordshire. Our town benefits from the University but it also presents challenges to local residents. Private landlords who earn huge rents through having many students in their houses must be held more responsible for ensuring their properties are well maintained. The University needs to work much harder to prevent the minority of students causing problems when parking on local streets rather than using the parking intended for them. Having such a large and temporary population inevitably results in more litter and we need to invest in the resources and infrastructure to keep South West Hatfield tidy.

So to the shops. If elected I would fight to make it both easy and attractive for existing businesses to transfer to new premises in the High View Redevelopment. High streets everywhere have been struggling and Hatfield more so than many. To reverse the decline we need to encourage more people to shop in the town centre and that means attracting a wider variety of shops and leisure facilities. This is a big challenge but huge strides can be made if the will is there to make it happen, I would bring passion to this task.

This is our chance to change our town for the better. If you agree with me then please lend me your vote on Thursday 6th May. Because Hatfield Matters. 


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