Tower blocks on Shredded Wheat site set to soar higher

How high will the high-rises go?

At the Local Plan meeting of 25th January 2020, Colin Haigh, head of planning at Welwyn Hatfield council revealed that the landowners of the Shredded Wheat site are asking to build a further 700-900 homes, literally on top of the 1450 they have permission for; this would likely mean much higher tower blocks, already set to be 8 storeys tall.

Malcolm Cowan, Liberal Democrat group leader and Peartree councillor, said “This threatens to create tower blocks that could be seen from much of the town. I thought that in our Centenary, this was still supposed to be a Garden City, not part of Inner London, where tower blocks are taking over.

“This number of extra homes would mean another primary school would be needed, and would make worse the lack of GPs in the area. Where would the extra parking and other infrastructure go?

“It is also only a few months since the developers tried to wriggle out of providing a skate park that was long promised; now they want to rip up the plans that many of us found hard to accept in the first place.”

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