WGC fire station saved - for now

The recent demand from Herts County Council for the site of the WGC fire station in Bridge Rd East to be designated for housing has now been rejected by the borough council. The county council's previous hope was that both WGC and Hatfield fire stations would become housing sites, forcing both stations to close and one new fire station to replace them.

Malcolm Cowan. LibDem county councillor had opposed these plans as they would reduce the ability of the fire crews to get quickly to key sites such as the WGC industrial areas, and eastern WGC.

He says "I am delighted the borough council has confirmed the WGC site as industrial land and refused to make the Hatfield one usable for housing. This drastically cuts the windfall gain in land value that would have occurred, making the county's plan less likely. However when I recently asked cllr Richard Thake, Fire and Public Safety portfolio holder at HCC, to confirm he had dropped his plan, he refused.

"We must remain vigilant if we want to retain two local fire stations in this very crowded part of Hertfordshire' Malcolm added. 'WGC's fire crews do a fantastic job working with the local community in Peartree and around - we do not want to lose that".

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