WGC rail footbridge finally clear of the "build-outs"

LibDem local councillor Malcolm Cowan has been working to get rid of the build-outs that narrowed the pedestrian space on WGC's rail bridge, and this week finally saw them all go.

A delighted Malcolm said "This has taken nearly 6 years, mainly because of the need to get Network Rail to reinforce the bridge first. Around 3 years were lost when Tesco made the sub-contractors come off site after they had agreed to allow them on, at the time when Tesco were angling to offer a new bridge as part of the hypermarket development in Broadwater Road. Thankfully, they later relented and the bridge was propped a few months back."

Railway Bridge in daysWith build-outs still present
Railway bridge clearedAfter build-outs removed

"I then had to press Network Rail to remove the build-outs that were so worrying and inconvenient. The bridge is very heavily used and I am very pleased to see it back to having the whole width usable, as it was up to 2007.

"Now I am asking for the bridge to be repainted, to restore some pride in the area.

"New lights in 2008, the propping to make it safe and now the build-outs have gone - that's 3 out of 4 of my aims sorted. Onwards to repainting."

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