When will my footpath get fixed?

Broken pavingLiberal Democrats have revealed that at current progress, Herts County Council will repair your footpath every 136 years.

Cllr Malcolm Cowan who did the analysis from official HCC data said "We knew that footpaths and footways were the poor relation but we didn't know until the this week how bad it was."

"Figures presented to the council's Highways and Transport panel showed that in the most recent complete year, 2011-12, 76,500 sq metres of footway were resurfaced or repaired, out of a total of 10.4 million sq metres. That means just 0.7% were worked on, so each stretch will be repaired approximately once every 136 years.

"This lays bare just how badly pedestrians and their safety are being treated. It completely justifies our demand in the budget that council tax already collected be spent on this instead of being allocated to supporting building projects that in any case run late."

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